Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements

Moderator, Black Male Achievement Gap (Opening Panel) National Black Child Development Institute Annual Conference
Panelist, Millenials Rock, But Can They Rule? Harvard University Hutchings Center, Hutchings Center Forum
Panelist, Activism In Media Viacom Media Networks
Moderator, Where Do We Go From Here? W.K. Kellogg Foundation
Keynote Speaker, America After Obama: Examining Our Discourse on Race, Diversity, and Social Justice in the Age After America's First Black President University of Connecticut
Panelist, Black Lives Matter, Assessing the Movement National Association of Black Journalists

Charles F. Coleman, Jr. is available for speaking engagements, participation on panel discussions, and to facilitate workshops and discussions about the following topics:

Strategies for Young People of Color in a World of Obstacles
Understanding the Relationship Between Blacks and Law Enforcement
Unlocking the Leadership Potential Inside You

Some of Charles’ specific seminar topics include:

Mastering the Mystery, Motivating the Champion: The Young Black Man’s Roadmap to Success
Description: As a young man growing up in Queens, NY, Charles Coleman, Jr. was often faced with the temptations of the street, peer pressure, and myriad detours from the path of success. Over time, he developed simple rules, which equipped him with the tools to stay the course and help him achieve his goals. This seminar is designed to share these life lessons in an anecdotal fashion that is conversational yet relevant and still on topic.

Can a Black Prosecutor Serve the Community? Understanding the Role of Law Enforcement in Your Life
Description: While being a successful prosecutor in NYC’s largest borough, attorney Charles Coleman, Jr. worked hard to protect his community from wrongdoing while balancing the interests of the accused. This often resulted in conflict springing out of the multi-faceted identity struggles involved with being a young man of color raised in an urban environment. In many respects, he was viewed as the enemy. This seminar reveals the truth behind the role of blacks in law enforcements and helps shed light on how they can do more than any group to help secure our communities and keep us safe, while keeping many who have made mistakes out of prison.

If You Lead, Will They Follow? Moving Beyond Doubts to Assert Leadership Among Challenging Groups
Description: As a young leader, Charles Coleman, Jr. has often found himself tasked with galvanizing diverse groups of people around central causes. In order to achieve success, he has learned to bridge cultural and generational gaps to overcome resistance from groups within organizations. This seminar addresses how to effectively combat leadership obstacles, which may challenge a young leader or those facing unique adversity.

“When Charles speaks, people just listen. His credibility, passion, presentation... it’s all there.” — Ted Childs, Ted Childs, LLC (former VIce-President of IBM)

CFC40: The Black Superhero Project

CFC40 is a non-profit organization whose sole mission is to support existing groups and organizers in the work they are already doing in communities of color across America. CFC40's theory of change is that anyone can have an impact in community if they just decide to lead where they are. By modeling this change theory, it is the goal of CFC40 to inspire and to engage a new wave leaders to do more where we can, believing that we already have the power and the resources we need to collectively engineer solutions to the issues that we face.

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